Decarbonisation. And beyond.

The extent of transition


Building a sustainable energy pathway for the continent

At Seriti Green, we don’t just see a world of new energy possibilities; we’re actively creating it. Our vision transcends decarbonisation to represent a world of fairness, sustainability, and shared prosperity.

While leading the journey towards a resilient, integrated energy landscape by scaling wind generation capacity, we are committed to creating economic opportunities that stimulate communities and preserve the environment. This is achieved by a holistic and inclusive commitment to responsible stewardship that addresses the challenges of climate change whilst partnering with local communities to create space for them to grow and flourish. As energy security and climate justice become cornerstones of African progress, Seriti Green is not waiting for the future; we’re building it one green electron at a time.


A deeper consideration and respect

At Seriti Green, our understanding of renewable energy goes beyond technology and production, seeking to establish essential services without compromising human health or the integrity of ecosystems.

This ensures a meticulous approach to siting wind turbines and is motivated by a deep respect for the environment. We undertake comprehensive, independent expert studies to assess various environmental factors, such as noise, habitat disruption, and visual impact, which are then considered and adjudicated by relevant authorities and the government. These studies inform our decisions, ensuring adherence to environmental legislations and obtaining the necessary approvals. We comply, as a minimum, with all environmental and other legislation and regulations in the countries in which we operate. This process reflects our commitment to respecting and actively protecting the natural environments we engage with.


Consult. Listen. Nurture. Empower.

The Seriti Green communities are all people and governmental stakeholders that reside in the districts and local municipalities where our projects are located.
We understand that our renewable energy facilities become an integral part of these communities for generations, so we prioritise social facilitation and meaningful engagement by working hand-in-hand withthe people and government stakeholders in each area we operate as partners in shared growth and prosperity.
For instance, at the Amakhala Emoyeni project in South Africa, we established a framework for community trusts, fostering local employment and supporting local procurement. These initiatives are designed to make a significant socio-economic contribution to the region.
The benefits of renewable energy extend far beyond energy production. For landholders, it means direct payments based on turbine presence or power generation, with the added advantage of continuing their agricultural activities without financial risk.

Community benefits encompass job creation, skills development during construction and operational phases, and long-term socio-economic and enterprise development initiatives. Our process of developing renewable energy facilities begins with fair commercial agreements with landowners, ensuring transparency, fairness, and equitable treatment that offer reasonable compensation throughout our projects’ development, construction, and operational phases. In every aspect of our work, we sensitively shape a sustainable energy pathway for Africa that is watchful of the environment and empowers communities, laying the foundation for a brighter, greener future for the continent.