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Seriti Green

The beginning of Africa's tomorrow: Renewable energy

In the quest for a sustainable future, renewable sources like wind and solar energy are not just alternatives but keystones of Africa’s prosperity. 

Embracing an energy system rooted in these abundant sources is pivotal in moving beyond Africa’s myriad social, economic, health, and environmental challenges. Crucially, this shift promises progress without compromising human health or the delicate balance of our ecosystems. The powerful connection between nature and energy is Africa’s next frontier.

Seriti Green stands at the forefront of this evolving journey as a prominent black-owned renewable energy entity. Our experience in developing, constructing, and operating large-scale renewable energy projects within South Africa and across the African continent positions us uniquely to unlock and harness this immense potential.

Using industry-leading atmospheric wind modelling and energy analysis tools, combined with decades of experience in delivering renewable energy projects, and the sound backing of experienced shareholders, we have the potential to rapidly identify, finance and bring into operation large-scale renewables projects that deliver a measurable impact.

We respect and protect the natural environment by applying leading environmental practices, and continuously engage with the local communities in which we operate to responsibly deliver value to people, communities, and the continent.

Industry experience

Extensive experience in successful development of renewable energy projects in Africa

With over 23 projects in various development stages, representing more than 4GW, we have proven an intense drive to transform Africa’s energy landscape. Our success stories, such as the 232MW wind projects West Coast One and Amakhala Emoyeni, showcase our capabilities in moving from concept to reality, fuelled by innovation and commitment, with a further four projects at advanced stages of development, Msenge Emoyeni, the second phase of the greater Amakhala Emoyeni project, is under construction in the Eastern Cape. Ummbila Emoyeni commences in early 2024, with the remaining four projects in the late stages of offtake negotiations to be owned and operated by third parties.

Our strategy intertwines the use of advanced atmospheric wind modelling and energy analysis tools with our rich reservoir of experience accumulated over decades in the renewable energy sector. This combination, supported by the robust backing of our experienced shareholders, equips us to swiftly pinpoint, finance, and operationalise large-scale renewable projects. These projects are not just ambitious in scale; they are impactful and designed to make a tangible difference.