Miombo Hewani Wind Farm

MWH Generation Capacity
Turbines Installed

In Tanzania, the 300MW Miombo Hewani Wind Energy Facility is a build-ready, high resource wind energy project located near Makambako town, Wanging’ombe district in Njombe Region, that is ideally placed to complement Tanzania’s hydropower facilities during the dry season. With a net capacity factor of more than 55%, it has the potential to deliver a significant power output.

It has multiple grid connection options that allow it to connect directly to nearby Makambako substations through the Tanzania and Zambia 400kV interconnector line, which links the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) and the East African Power Pool (EAPP).

This facility has gained widespread acceptance from the local community, and its engagement strategies prioritise this engagement across various activities in education and health. The project aims to foster positive social and economic impact.