Meru County Energy Park

MWH Generation Capacity
Turbines Installed

In Kenya, the 220MW Meru County Energy Park has been jointly developed by Hewani Energy and Meru County through the Meru County Investment & Development Corporation (MCIDC), and is set to commence construction in Q1 of 2024.

This innovative and construction-ready 220MW renewable energy generation facility is the first utility-scale, grid-connected hybrid electricity project in Africa, and showcases a remarkable combination of 200MW wind and 20MW solar PV systems. It was developed through a unique public-private partnership between the Meru County Government and Hewani Energy, fostering a synergy that blends governmental vision and private sector expertise.

The Meru County Energy Park is state-of-the-art, capitalises on abundant natural assets, and leveraged multiple financing options, proving its economic viability. A milestone in the journey towards the provision of clean energy in the region, MCEP will make a significant contribution to Kenya’s ambitious goal of achieving 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030.